Room Service

We offer room service daily from 8 am until 10 pm.

Different Sandwiches

CHF 11.50

Seasonal salad with home-made dressing - small

CHF 10.50

Seasonal salad with home-made dressing - big

CHF 16.50

Tarte flambée

CHF 18.50

with sour cream, bacon and onions

Penne rigate precotte

CHF 22.00

with tomato-olive-sauce and parmesan

Beef burger Sempia-style

CHF 32.50

Salad, BBQ-sauce, French fries   Note: for quality reasons, we only serve our burger at the opening hours of the restaurant Sempia   - Monday to Friday: 11.30 am until 2 pm / 6 pm until 10 pm - Saturday: 5 pm until 10 pm - Sunday: 5 pm until 10 pm

Dessert of the day

CHF 9.00

Source declaration:

  • Pork (ham, smoked ham, salami, bacon) – Switzerland
  • Beef – Switzerland
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